About Star Vending, Inc Of Knoxville, TN

Star Vending, Inc has always maintained a distinguished reputation throughout the vending machine distribution and servicing industry. 

Our family-owned and operated business puts a premium on excellent customer service and reliable products and machines. We know that you'll love the service we provide.

Contact Star Vending, Inc. today at 865-544-0062 to speak with a member of our staff, or browse our website for more information regarding our product options.

Gordon Turnage began his career in vending sales in 1973 with a single machine.  Through hard work, determination, and the desire to build, Gordon Turnage’s constant perseverance proved successful. Star Vending is now a thriving business that has 9 routes located across 7 counties and over 1,000 machines. Locations range from hotels, major department stores, auto dealerships, textile mills, factories, universities, government facilities, and even individualized businesses. Star Vending takes pride in attention to detail, customized services, and an authentic desire to please their customers.

Gordon Turnage, owner-operator, graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education in 1972. In addition to his academic accomplishments, Gordon was a four-year letterman for the University of Tennessee Volunteers football team.

Gordo and Dee

Gordo and Dee

DiAnna (Dee) Turnage also attended the University of Tennessee with focus in Industrial Engineering. In addition, Dee has strong background experience in retail sales. 

With their combined work experience, knowledge of business concepts, years of dedication, and strong work ethic; Gordon and Dee have transformed a small family-owned vending company into an operation that has expanded to include not only vending services but also catering. Event sizes range from as many as 700 to as few as 25. Regardless of the number of guests- every event is unique and designed with the customer in mind.

Call us any time with questions about starting an exciting vending program or micro market at your business or catering your event.

Gordon Turnage & Dee Turnage
Star Vending Inc.